Germanium Products from South Korea
Ge-Purity  Feedbacks Bracelet  Necklace

[ A Germanium Silver Necklace and Germanium Titanium Bracelet strongly recommended for people who suffer from tremendous pain on their back or lower back and or occasionally feeling sharp pain on leg due to personal history of slipped disc or spine Injury ]

Prolong wearing Germanium Jewelry may assist in:

Strengthens of our Immune System and Energises a person.

Help in Pain Relief, Body and Mind Relaxation.

Increase Sports Pperformance and Stamina.

Improves Blood Circulation.

Increase Oxygen Level in the body.

Relieves for Arthritis, Insomnia, High cholesterol, Migraine etc.

Neutralization of Free Radical generated from computer etc.

Regulates Positive and Negative Ions within the body.

Discharge of Toxins and other wastes in body.